Lenobias vow a house of night novella

Oct 10, Nisareen rated it really liked it. One morning, unable to stand being cooped up so much, she decides to walk through the ship while everyone's still asleep and ends up in the cargo hold, where there are two beautiful horses. It just seems to me that they authors are trying to sell more and dont really take the time to add mroe to the story, just keep writting and selling

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This is also where she meets the alluring Martin, and their interactions develop into nlght forbidden. Dec 31, Jenn rated it really liked it Shelves: Lenobia's Vow is the second novella in the House of Night Novellas spin-off series, which delve into the backgrounds of some of the Tulsa House of Night 's most important - and mysterious - professors. First, the sacrifice of her mother encouraging her to leave, and then with what she shares with Martin. Nighf finds the strength to move on, vowing to wait for Martin.

Lenobia's Vow (House of Night Novellas, #2) by P.C. Cast

Angered, the Bishop tries to kill her by uses his dark power over fire, but is ultimately killed by Martin, who dies too. Overall, it was pretty lackluster. Lenobia is traumatized, but quickly discovers an affinity for horses. For once, she would just like to fit in.

So, although ot story was OK, it could 2.

It is one of my most guilty pleasures. Oct 10, Nisareen rated it really liked it. Having read Destined prior to this novella, I can sympathise with her restraint around Travis due to her vow to Martin. This novella focuses on Lenobia. RDNG Fall I thought it would be deep, but it just lacked that depth.

Beautifully written and illustrated, definitely read this novella! No trivia or quizzes yet.

Skilled in Dark magic, his appetite for young women makes oc dangerous — most of all to Lenobia, who caught his eye back in France, She avoids him, pretending to be seasick and while searching the ship uncovers a pair of Percheron horses and comes to befriend their Creole caretaker, Martin.

Because it means the authors just have to explain what the foreign phrase means in the next sentence in this case, with no subtlety whatsoever.

Lenobia's Vow

Really getting a look into Neferet's past, and was really hoping to get a look at Lenobia's past. The start was slow, but by the time Lenobia meets Martin, Novellz was hooked.

As for the characters? It was heartbreaking to read about the man she loved and vowed never to love another man again. House of Night Novellas 4 books. She avoids him, pretending to be seasick and while searching the ship uncovers a pair of Percheron horses and comes to befriend their Creole caretaker, Martin.

Oh yeah, you're stuck on a ship for six weeks and you're also lying about your identity. What's with the author and giving all of these teachers such horrendous pasts?

The novella has a bitter sweet ending for me, she is finally marked and protected from the Bishop but it seems to have come with a price that she would rather give her life for than see the person she loves sacrifice his to protect her. It's also a tragic love story. Speaking of villains, the next of these novellas focuses on Neferet and I find myself intrigued.

Refresh and try again. As if that's not enought, her remarkable beauty draws unwanted attention wherever she goes.

Retrieved from " http: Unlike the last short story I read set in this world, this book does not strike me as entirely pointless. That being said, I did really like Martin and the Sister.

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