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Mitosynth from Wooji Juice Music for Tablets: I will just describe the interface itself in this section, and the details will be tackled in an appropriate section later on. These include a large number of generator presets that cover most bases.

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As to where the sounds come from, each sequencer track has three Generator Lanes, each of which can operate in one of two modes: It's not every day that we're presented with a genuinely paradigm-shifting new device in electronic music production, but iZotope, in conjunction with Lzotope nominee BT, believes it's done just that.

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Clicking the next GUI item small illuminated sine wave symbol opens up the sound source details for that particular lane. Hive by U-he Essentials: The automatically-enabled multi-out setup in Reaper is shown below:.

Greaktweaker oscillators can include anything from basic analogue-style waves to complex and unnatural 'designed' wavetables. At present, this makes it less than ideal for live use if you plan to do a lot of on-stage rhythmic tweaks.

You can also import your own samples by placing them in the breakfweaker location as bresktweaker in the settings. The electronic dance producer is currently spoiled for choices given the large variety of virtual instruments brsaktweaker plug-ins available, most of which cover all aspects of electronic music production, from the beat makers to the bass synths to the samplers to the slicing and mangling of audio.

The pleasure of varying the loop points and play speed for each individual track opens up a world of morphing polyrhythms, thatif you are not careful, will quickly exceed your ability to map them to known time signatures.

I was soon wishing that there some way to play it directly with the MIDI keyboard instead of the current sequencing only option!

Very much aimed at a particular style. A possible method could be to utilize MIDI Channel 1 for the normal triggering of patterns and samples as mentioned above, and MIDI Channel 2 to 7 for pitched playing of the synthesizer or sample generators for tracks 1 through 6. Pros Easy polyrhythmic sequencing.

And you will breaktweamer to, because none of these effects are available in the virtual instrument itself. Quite a number of options are open to the discerning tweaker, from a basic amplitude ADSR to complete multi-modulation madness.

I really hope that you understand this point: The individual tracks can also be quickly assigned sounds complete generator settings by using the folder icon on the left of the tracks. One of the utilization-enhancing features in BT is the multi-out mode.


Now we come to the synthesizer sounds. It's also pretty good for making chilled-out polyrhythmic electronica, or of course, the kind of skittering, junglistic, cut-up beats that came to the fore in IDM. Thus you can stack a combination of any three of these to create each of the six sounds. The installer itself vreaktweaker without any issues.

Review - Izotope’s BreakTweaker

Cubase Pro 8 by Steinberg Review: The sonic potential of the Sampler and Synth Generators really is vast, although much of the included content is decidedly EDM-centric. The versatility is such that I was even able to use the provided drum samples and percussive sounds in a rock context.

You can place the Filter pre or post distortion, and choose one of eight breakktweaker types from three categories: The installer downloaded quickly, as did the 2 GB of content. The overall theme is a black background with everything else various shades of neon blue.

The software itself is rock-solid, with absolutely zero issues or bugs that I could discern despite repeated and thorough usage. One important point to note here is that there are three kinds izorope pitch controls: The instrument shows six rows or beaktweaker with the associated step sequencer lanes for each.

There are a number of expansions available at the Izotope website, offering a variety of content. The leftmost side of the interface shows the name user editable for each of the lanes. The step size can be increased for longer soundsand the velocity can be dragged up or down as required for each step. BreakTweaker was originally supposed to be breaktweaked with Stutter Edit, but due to various reasons the release was delayed.

This is great lzotope generating anything from a little additional energy to interesting polyrhythmic patterns that evolve over a period of bars.

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